Museum of the Earth announces new exhibit featuring Cornell University’s Insect Collection


The Paleontological Research Institution (PRI) and its Museum of the Earth are excited to announce a new exhibit, Six-Legged Science: Unlocking the Secrets of the Insect World, now open at the Museum of the Earth.

The exhibit features hundreds of specimens on loan from the Cornell University Insect Collection (CUIC), and aims to educate visitors of all ages about the diversity of insects and the value they provide for life on Earth. The exhibit includes a combination of fossil specimens, hundreds of pinned insects, insect sounds and videos, live insects, nests and tools from the CUIC collection, large-scale photography, specimens up-close under a microscope, hands-on interactives, and more.

With over 7 million specimens, the CUIC is one of the world’s top entomological collections with over 150-years of history and local and global notoriety.

“We are thrilled to share and tell everyone about some of the amazing scientific insect specimens on display. Come for the bugs and stay for the science that happens in the Cornell University Insect Collection!” says Dr. Corrie Moreau, Professor, Director and Curator of the CUIC.

The exhibit was developed in conjunction with Dr. Corrie Moreau, Dr. Jason Dombroskie, Manager of the CUIC and Coordinator of the Insect Diagnostic Lab, and a team of researchers from the CUIC and with grant support from the National Science Foundation.

Dr. Jason Dombroskie says, “When you visit, you'll see why we have a passion for the animals that rule the world.”

The exhibit will be open to the public through December 2022 and also found online at

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