Macedon’s Gathering Place

Article by Madis Senner
Photos by John Cieslinski 

Books, ETC. in Macedon, New York, started out as a bookstore and a coffee shop. It wasn’t long before it became a community gathering place for groups like Wayne County’s Writer’s Guild. But the transformations did not stop there. According to co-owner John Cieslinski Books, ETC. has become a “community.”

To understand what John means by “community” we need only look to the Butterfly Nature Trail that was conceived and built by the community he speaks of.  Located within the Canal Park-Lock 30 area the Butterfly Nature Trail occupies a quarter mile stretch of the Erie Canal in Macedon. It consists of trails, flowers, meadows, sculptures and more. Kudo’s to the “community” for its vision and effort in creating this delight for all to enjoy.

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