Looking Forward

by Mark Stash

I tend to get a little reflective when putting to bed the last issue of each year. Goals and innovative ideas of what kinds of stories to publish in the magazine have been met and accomplished. Challenges have arisen and have been dealt with. Successfully publishing a print magazine today is incredibly fulfilling but can also be accompanied by bumps in the road, like the increased cost of everything that goes into bringing you the very best presentation of the Finger Lakes Region to your mailbox.

With that being said, we continue to increase our subscription numbers, we continue to increase the number of advertisements, and we continue moving forward to showcase this region that we know and love. Yes, print is still alive. It still has a viable and valuable place in today’s society. We all have these little computers that we hold in our hands every day, and we acquire a lot of information from these devices, and yet, nothing can replace the smooth texture of magazine pages, with beautiful photos covering the spreads, and the written word presented in a user-friendly way that is welcoming and communicative.

The November/December issue is traditionally when we present the winners of the annual photo contest. I have to say that I get excited to see how readers capture the region in images, using both traditional cameras and cell phones. Every year I see photos that surprise me and inform me, showing me views of the Finger Lakes that I never experienced before. I firmly believe that we will never run out of great photos and stories about the region and the people in it. There are literally thousands and thousands of stories out there yet to be told. And we can’t wait to bring you more of those stories. Stay tuned in 2023!


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