Location. Location. Location.

by Mark Stash

Ever since I moved to the Finger Lakes Region, I have felt it was a special place. Growing up in Pennsylvania, living in such exotic places as New Mexico, and camping all over the United States as a child, have given me more insight and experience on what makes a region a good place to live.

There has been a trend in the population of New York State leaving and moving to other parts of the country – to areas that are warmer and have more job opportunities. And since the recent pandemic has flipped many parts of life on its head, many people are now learning that they can be literally anywhere in the world, and do their job. A trend is showing where people are moving to where they want to live, and not where they have to live.

The Finger Lakes Region and surrounding areas are desirable locations in which to live. The housing market has an almost unprecedented demand for homes. Prices have skyrocketed. And yet, the homes in this region are still more affordable than other parts of the country – by far. Rich Testa, a real estate agent, goes into more detail  about the current market on page 27.

And what are homeowners doing with their new properties? Sometimes, they build brand new where a cottage once stood, or transform an old cottage into a beautiful showpiece. One only has to have the vision to see something old and turn it into something new and gorgeous (see pages 46 and 58).

And what activities can we do once we have our Finger Lakes home? The options are endless. If you like water, being on it or near it, then this region is paradise. Catch a ride on a beautiful wooden sailboat out of Watkins Glen (page 40), or use your stand up paddleboard to take a short or long journey (page 52).

If art and culture is your jam, live music seems to be everywhere these days. Visual art can be found at local shops and gift stores and galleries. Cultural experiences are plentiful through immersive activities such as the Seneca Indian signal fire on Bare Hill (page 86), and non-denominational spiritual events at a stone chapel overlooking Keuka Lake (page 72).

Get out, enjoy a day trip, eat some delicious pastries, indulge in some craft beer and wine, and take a leisurely hike to burn off those calories. Enjoy your location in the Finger Lakes this summer!


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