Light of Winter

Chilly sunset on the farm

Photos and story by Trevor Andrews and Larkin Ryan


For years, we’ve regarded winter as nothing more than an inconvenience, an unpleasant hardship that must be endured to earn the reward of summer. As last winter dragged by, minute by bitterly cold minute, we finally arrived at a way to break the gray monotony. Newly armed with cameras, we set out to capture the way the landscape is transformed by the cruel, magnificent elements of the season.

When you search long enough, you start to notice how much beauty you’ve overlooked. The way pale sunlight filters through barren trees, casting long shadows and just enough warmth to shrug off the chill, keeping you outside a few more moments. How wind gusts make patterns in the snow and carry it, glittering, through a path of light as the sun begins to set. The solitude of the frozen lakes, eerily silent and abandoned for the season. Even the stark contrast of a vacant beehive, once rapidly expanding and buzzing with life, now tattered and shredded from bitter whipping winds.

We begin this winter with a new attitude; a desire to seek the splendor in the cold. The barren land holds many surprises for those willing to see them. We hope that, like us, you’ll be inspired to find all the good in the season!

Trevor and Larkin have lived their entire lives in the Finger Lakes Region. They recently discovered their love for photography and are just beginning to scratch the surface of this interest. Most of their free time is spent outdoors and/or with a camera in hand, adventuring and capturing anything and anyone that will let them.

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Canandaigua City Pier from the water

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