Letters: September/October 2022


What a great article! (“Off the Easel: The Artistic Journey of Linna Dolph,” by Nancy E. McCarthy, July/August 2022 issue). You got absolutely everything right. That is a first. Every other article that has been written about me has been misconstrued, misinterpreted or so corny that they were embarrassing. Yours was none of these It was honest, concise, and totally representative. Plus, it was really well written, which is more than I can say about 98% of what is published these days. Thank you so much.

The article also came at a good time. It has actually inspired me to want to get back to work. The operation that I had this past April was such a bust that I haven’t done a bit of artwork since. Call it depression, disinterest through pain or trauma induced introspection, I haven’t felt like doing a single thing related to art since the botched surgery. After reading your article I found myself looking at sketches and old photographs with a more promising eye and a rekindled energy. Thank you for that too.

– Linna Dolph



Thanks for the nice write-up covering the antique and classic boat show in Skaneateles (weekly Life in the Finger Lakes FREE e-newsletter). Your coverage of the event assures a good turnout, for which we are most appreciative.

—Dick Sherwood,
Finger Lakes Chapter of the Antique and Classic Boat Societ



Love the big new issue (July/August 2022). I always learn so much that I didn’t know. The painted rock treasure hunt is a neat idea.

We have a favorite place on Lake Ontario where the beach is filled with thousands and thousands of these rounded stones made smooth by countless centuries of wave action. They make the perfect canvas for our fun family art which we put out in the garden with the flowers!

— Ray Levato



If it weren’t for Cindy Ruggieri’s article on Carol’s Art Bar in the November/December 2021 issue, sent to me by my sister in Ithaca as a Christmas present, I would have missed visiting this eclectic and unique mecca of art, good coffee and life affirming music this past week while visiting the area.

Originally from Ithaca, I missed my annual return trip home for nearly three years. Always on the lookout for music, art and great folks, I found them all once again in Owego, a short country drive but well worth it. Carol is a special person sharing her beautiful artwork with a smile as she serves her clearly devoted clientele specialty coffee, fresh homemade sandwiches and the specials of the day – did I mention the strawberry rhubarb pie? So taken with the artwork I brought back two prints and even an apron with her artwork. Can’t wait to return. Kudos to Cindy for finding and photographing this unique oasis for the soul.

— Merrilee A. Parr

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