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Life on the Erie Canal has certainly changed since it first opened in the 1820s. Although its significance to local commerce has evolved, it is exciting to see how stretches of this historic waterway have been transformed over the past few decades to include the restored Nine Mile Creek Aqueduct, nature trails, houseboat rentals and dinner cruises (“An Erie Canal Boat Trip,” July/August issue). We are fortunate to have such an extraordinary recreational treasure throughout the region. A family boat trip is the perfect way to experience the authentic charm of the Erie Canal, like you’ve never seen it before.

– Michael Aaron Gallagher, Syracuse

After reading the recent article “One Summer, Eleven Lakes” (July/August issue), the question comes up in my mind – what determines a Finger Lake from say a thumbnail?  It is like the controversy of whether Pluto, Eris Ceres, and Sedna are planets or not.  As little as it is, if Canadice Lake is a Finger Lake, then why isn’t Cazenovia or Onondaga or Waneta or Lamoka?

– Brian L. Schnirel , originally from Geneva

Mr. Schnirel brings up some great questions. We hope to
explore some answers in a future issue. Stay tuned!

– Editor

Giving Books the Once-Over
We would like to make a call out to Life in the Finger Lakes magazine and Laurel Wemett who reviews local history books for their readers. Their latest review in their summer issue was on the new Wes Gifford memoir, Saving a Masterpiece, the Untold Story of Sonnenberg Gardens.  The book is available on our website,

– Ed Varno, Ontario County Historical Society

I live near Corning and with my 91-year-old mother in Urbana along the western shore of Keuka Lake. Her family was actively involved in the Urbana Wine Company (later Gold Seal Winery) for generations. Thomas Pellechia has recently published a book about the Taylor family of Hammondsport, who controlled the Taylor Wine Company (and later the Great Western Winery) for many years. His book is entitled Over A Barrel: The Rise & Fall of New York’s Taylor Wine Company. It is thorough and informative. It also complements another book recently published entitled Finger Lakes Wine & the Legacy of Dr. Konstantin Frank by Tom Russ (LIFL, May/June 2015, page 34). It too is very worthwhile and complete. I enjoy reading your magazine, which Mom receives as a subscriber. She also sends it to all four of my siblings in other states. Keep up the good work!
– Matthew Carney

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