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I am writing to you regarding an error which appeard in the May/June 2016 edition. On page 59 there is an article about the RPO summer concerts, and the photograph that accompanies the article is described as the “Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra playing at the Penfield Country Club.”

The venue pictured is actually the concert shell at the Town of Perinton Community Center. I am a long-time resident of Perinton and have attended many concerts at the shell, so I knew right away that there was a mistake.
Please don’t take this as harsh criticism. I love your magazine and read it cover to cover each time it comes into the house. But I just couldn’t let that mistake go by without comment.
Antoinette Thompson, Fairport


Mark, please extend my sincerest thanks to Elizabeth Weinstein for the article she wrote that appeared in the May/June 2016 issue (How we lived: A survivor remembers the Holocaust). The story is about my dad, who I couldn’t be prouder of (as well as my mom). Even though it’s about my parents I found the story extremely well-written and even learned new things about him. Thank you to both of you for publishing this.

 — Fred Cyprys, Rochester


Recently I read the article on Pierre the Partridge in the January/February 2016 issue. For about two weeks now, everytime I take my tractor out into the woods, I have a partridge keeping me company.  I talk to it and he has become so friendly that I feel I almost can touch him. Each day he comes closer and closer to me and follows me from my house into the woods and back again.  I’ll sit on a log and he will sit within a foot of me on the same log.  When I’m cutting firewood he stays right there close to me.

I am amazed with all the other wild animals and cats in the area that this lovely bird is still here to accompany my working in the woods.

Here’s a photo of  my friend, “Ernie” the partridge.

“Ernie” the partridge

“Ernie” the partridge








– Rodney G. Palmer, Ithaca

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