Letters: July/August 2022

A trolley car rescued from the Agnes Flood of 1972.

Along with many others I spent two weekends as a volunteer shoveling mud out of people’s basements in Elmira and Corning after the floods caused by Hurricane Agnes (May/June 2022 issue).

Little did I know then that I would eventually be spending my volunteer energies at the New York Museum of Transportation, in Rush, which has its origins in Agnes.  The hurricane destroyed a museum in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania that had several trolley cars pertaining to the Rochester area. These cars were rescued and formed the core of NYMT’s collection of transportation vehicles.  Visitors today imagine riding to Geneva in car 157 of the Rochester and Eastern line unaware that it was once up to its floor boards in muddy flood water.

— Jim Dierks



I just received a complimentary issue of Life in the Finger Lakes and it’s superb. It’s a very nice blend of photography, art and articles. And Product Picks is very enjoyable.

I have an article request: The life and times of the Humphrey Bogart family spending their summers on Canandaigua Lake in the early part of the 1900s. I wonder if their old Victorian house is still there. Humphrey’s mother was one of the first successful woman illustrators in her time.

— Rick Cieply

Yes, we covered Humphrey Bogart a few years ago in the MayJune 2018 issue. Visit FingerLakesMagazine.com to read the entire article.

— Editor



The article about me written (May/June 2022 issue) by Nancy E. McCarthy was thoughtfully composed and very well-written. I really enjoy her writing style. She took my answers and wove them together to create an informative and entertaining piece and I’m so thankful for all of her effort in putting it together.

– Kind regards, Amy Hutto, artist

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