Letters from Mar/Apr


In looking at the “Brave Women Past and Present” article from the January/February 2021 issue, and there was no mention of Harriet Tubman and her home in Auburn. When I went to their website, her home and museum in Auburn is included on their list. I feel this is a glaring omission.

— Lynn Swisher

Yes, there was an omission for The Harriet Tubman National Historic Park. The Seward House Museum, the Howland Stone Store Museum, and Fort Hill Cemetery were also accidentally left off the list. This was certainly a clerical error and not in any way meant to exclude these four sites. —Editor



Just a brief note to let you know how much we enjoy your magazine.  Reading it sure brings back memories, not just the articles but also the ads. We spent over 32 years between Seneca Falls and Geneva before moving to Maine chasing grandchildren. They grew up and now we are in North Carolina.  We are one of your first subscribers, I guess, since we got the first edition in 2001 and have been reading the issues ever since. Thank you for a great magazine and keep up the good work.

— Elmer Praul



I have enjoyed Life in the Finger Lakes magazine for a number of years and thank you for publishing it. I was surprised to see in the latest issue, that Canadice Lake was listed at only 3 miles long. My buddy and I have hiked the entire length of the lake many times and it is actually 4 miles long with a 2 mile, half way marker on a tree. I even measured it with my GPS last fall and it was exactly 2 miles to the half way marker. That trail is our favorite of the 170 trails we have hiked in New York. Do you have an explanation for this discrepancy?

– Edward Snyder

We refer to the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) when it comes to data for the Finger Lakes. I’m guessing the distance on the DEC webpage is in the actual length using surveying techniques, and not the imperfect distance of walking along the edge where it’s not always a straight line.


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