How very proud I ws to read the excellent review of the “Ithaca Our Home” book in your May/June 2019 issue. I grew up in Geneva, attending both Geneva High School and DeSales at the same time. Many of my friends and family are gone, and how I wish they were here to see this.
— Johnny Russo

I have really enjoyed reading the Finger Lake Series by Kyra Bean on the website. As a Tennessee resident who has visited the area, it provides information I wouldn’t otherwise have. I hope you will offer “printer friendly” pages of all the lakes or possibly a magazine version of this info. If not, I’ll just print from the emails and be thankful.
— Michael White

In response to your request, and others, the popular series about the eleven Finger Lakes is now being published in the print magazine. The first part was published in the July/August 2019 issue and featured Conesus, Hemlock, Canadice and Honeoye Lakes. Part 2 appears in this issue, which features Canandaigua, Keuka, Seneca and Cayuga Lakes. Part 3 will appear in the November/December issue and will end with Owasco, Skaneateles and Otisco Lakes.
— Editor

First let me say that I have subscribed to your magazine for many years and have enjoyed it very much, until now. In your article about “Fun Fairs” in the July/August 2019 issue, you did not say anything about the Steuben County Fair in Bath. Bath is called “the Gateway to the Finger Lakes” and is home to the oldest continuous county fair in the country. This year marks our 200th continuous year. I would have thought that should have been mentioned someplace in this article. Shame on you. Bath is just as much a part of the Finger Lakes as all the other places you write about in your magazine. I do not think that I will be renewing my subscription when it expires.
— John H. Chapman

I can appreciate what you’re saying. And I thank you for subscribing to the magazine. There are numerous county fairs in the region that we did not mention by name. The intent of the article was to not be all inclusive of every fair in existence in the region, but to include the flavor of what fairs really are all about. We included a web link at the end of the article that does include all fairs in New York State – nyfairs.org.
– Editor


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