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As you can see with the enclosed subscription card and my check, I wish to subscribe to this publication and have it sent to my personal address. However, I am somewhat dismayed with today’s environmental concerns, not only in the Finger Lakes and this state, but also the world, in regards to plastics and our midhandling of our solid wastes. My complimentary issue I received for this subscription offer was wrapped in – clear plastic!

I receive other magazine publications that are also of the glossy paper material without plastic wrap and they are always in good condition. Given this, and our environmental concerns, especially our mishandling of solid wastes, that you consider ceasing the use of this plastic wrap.
— George V. Barden, Canandaigua

We understand readers’ concerns about the environment, and we want to contribute in a positive way to the Finger Lakes Region. We want to reduce our use of polybags whenever possible. There are times where we need to include extra onserts that require a bag, but otherwise the use of polybag material will be of limited or no use in the future.
— Editor

From All Over

I love the magazine! It is especially nice having a map to refer to when reading. Hoping that is a regular feature.
— Nancy

P.S. I received a complimentary edition in the mail today. Thanks! It worked.

Thank you for subscribing to the magazine. We depend on our loyal and interested readers to keep the Finger Lakes a fantastic publication. We do in fact have a map in every single issue. It’s always toward the front of the magazine, and it showcases areas of interest that are covered in each issue.
— Editor

We enjoyed the March/April 2019 issue of your magazine, as we do each issue. We especially liked the story about the Amish buggy maker, as our summer home is in Lodi, New York. The picture of the open buggy on page 39 shows the highway sign South 414 and South 96. The only place these two roads run together is in Seneca County, across Seneca Lake and east of Penn Yan. It would be nice to see an article about the Seneca County Amish and all their shops and businesses.
— Winnie Jones, Williston, Florida

Mark, congratulations on the growth of this great magazine!
— Eric Efraimson, Clifton Springs

I like your magazine, but I think you forgot to put a couple of towns on your map.  Where is Manchester and Shortsville? We are not big, but we have a brewery, beautiful walking trail along the outlet and just had the Water Derby.  People maybe interested in this.
— Kim Brown, Shortsville

Thanks for your interest Kim. We have adjusted the map a bit and added Manchester and Shortsville!
— Editor

I was so excited when I opened my May/June 2019 issue of Life in the Finger Lakes and saw the article on fine artist Judy Soprano. I had taken a couple of classes from her in Wyoming, New York. She is such an accomplished artist, a wonderful teacher and shares so much of her talent with her students. She knows how to hit your heart through her paintings. Judy does have a passion and a purpose! Thank you for Judy’s story.
— Valary Sahrle, Perry


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