thought I should let you know that the new Finger Lakes SPCA shelter in Bath, for which the book Willy of the Crooked Lake was a major fund-raiser, has now been completed and opened. The inside work was finished this fall, and the animals were moved in Thanksgiving week. There was a “soft open” held in December, but the formal dedication will be some time this spring. It is a wonderful facility, and it’s so exciting  to see it functioning at last!

The article that Laurel Wemett wrote and Mark Stash published (JulyAugust 2016 “Willy’s Legacy”) was a significant help in spreading the word and boosting donations. We have raised close to $33,000 from our little children’s book, and over 1,200 of the books have been distributed.

– Gary Brown, Hammondsport

Thank you for the beautiful article about Max Erlacher, our very famous glass engraver in the Corning area (JanuaryFebruary 2018). The article is a wonderful way to honor a gentleman with such talent. You probably don’t know, but I bought 20 issues at Wegmans in Corning.  I delivered most of them to Mrs. Erlacher for their family and their many interested friends. They were thrilled and my husband and I are thrilled for them.

— Jeanne Greger, Corning

Rochester developers have proposed building the largest garbage incinerator in New York State in the Town of Romulus, between Seneca and Cayuga lakes. They have never operated a solid waste facility and propose to burn 2,640 tons of garbage — every day.

A 260-foot smoke stack would rain dioxins, furans, lead, mercury, arsenic, chromium, particulates, hydrochloric acid, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides on the surrounding area. Romulus Central School is located just 3,200 feet away. Dioxins alone are the worst toxins known to science — do we want that in our backyards?

To get more information, readers can visit senecalakeguardian.org.

David Locke, Town of Fayette

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