Happy Readers
I took a trip out to Labrador Hollow Unique Area recently and it’s really beautiful. Thanks for the article to help inspire me to visit the park (“Sharing a Secret,” May/June 2015 Issue). On the way home I stopped to see my favorite artists in Groton – Arlen Perkins Withey and her son Nic who do beautiful oil paintings of this area. Their work is outstanding.
– Paula Sophoclides

I just got a printed copy of the May/June 2015 Issue and it’s hard to believe the quality of the photo reproduction. For a consumer magazine it’s nothing short of awesome. It’s what I would expect from an art magazine. Thanks again for a great job.
– Bard Prentiss, photograher and writer, “Shifting Focus”

Great Article, Wrong Month
In the May/June 2015 issue, an incorrect statement was published in the article titled “Happy Trails.” The sentence on page 44 states “Tipped off by a neighbor in June of 2014, I found Bernice camping under a picnic shelter alongside Canaseraga Creek.” The month was August, not June. The typo is not attributed to John Adamski, the writer and photographer. The magazine regrets this error and takes full responsibility.
– Editor

After reading about pet photos in the May/June 2015 Issue, I thought you might be interested in a photo of me and my rescue dog Cheddar. She sits and waits for me to catch a fish. When I do catch one she gently holds the fish with her paw until I release the fish.
– Jack Goebel, Branchport

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