We went to Sampson State Park recently to take a walk and enjoy the sunshine. While at the marina, we saw a group of red head ducks. This was a first for me.
– Mary Grasek

I appreciate your recent article on the “Lost Town of Williamsburgh” (January/February 2015). It has, I think, another little-known secret. One of the tombstones in the cemetery bears the name of James Birney, who had married William Fitzhugh’s daughter. He was the candidate for the U.S. presidency for the Liberty Party in 1844 (forerunner to the
Republican Party). Because of him, New York’s electoral ballots went to James Polk, and the result was that the United States includes today’s great southwest, including California. Also his son, David, is famous for his role at Gettysburg, replacing General Sickles in the peach orchard/wheatfield battles on the second day.
– Ted Juroe

Recently saw your magazine and thought I would drop you a note concerning your “human interest – stories about real people” section. I greatly enjoyed the article about Syracuse University men’s basketball coach Jim Boeheim (March/April 2015). He’s an interesting person indeed. It was a good read.
– Stanley Swan

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