My Winter 2005 issue of Life in the Finger Lakes just arrived and I wish to take this opportunity to express appreciation for Laurel’s review of “Portal to Air Power: The Sampson AFB Story.” Her piece is complete, accurate and insightful and indeed helps to perpetuate the Sampson Air Force Base legacy.
– Jerry Hopfengardner, SAFBVA Historian

First of all, I am very impressed with the magazine Life in the Finger Lakes. However, Cortland, New York, is right smack dab in the middle of upstate New York and sometimes I think no one is aware that we are here!

We have theatre – www.cortlandrep.org (Cortland Repetory Theatre); music – www.cortland.org/ent and the Country Music Park; history – www.1890house.org; skiing – Greek Peak and Song Mountain; festivals – the Pumpkin Fest and the Celtic Fest; a nature center – Lime Hollow Nature Center; sports – SUNY Cortland football and basketball; art – the Homer Center for the Arts; and resources for wellness – massage therapists and fitness centers.

So my question is, where are you? Why haven’t you solicited advertising in this area, done interviews, run book reviews (Joel Shatsky has written several), reviewed plays or run an article? You list us as one of the 14 counties of the Finger Lakes region, so come see us. Spend some time and learn a little more about Cortland and the people who live here.
– Kristen, Cortland

We have published several articles about Cortland County in the past, and will continue to do so in the future. I agree that your area has been under-represented to some extent, but since we are a quarterly magazine, we are somewhat limited in how much content we can devote to one area of a vast 14 county region. I also look forward getting to know your beautiful area a little better.
– Editor

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