Dear Mark,
The feature “When Lake Boats Ruled Our Waves” was great. As always, great photography and printing is outstanding. I look forward to this magazine every time I see it in the mailbox.
–Bob, Vestal

The following letter was written to John Adamski, author of the article, “Valley of Dreams” that appeared in our last issue.

Dear John,
What a wonderful surprise that the Muller family received upon opening Life in the Finger Lakes magazine this quarter. The article that you wrote, together with the photography by Bill Banaszewski, were a wonderful tribute to the Muller Field Station and all the dreams that have been put into making it what it has turned out to be today.

Frankly, I was not aware of this magazine until this article came out, but I think its format and the detailed articles are just wonderful.

Thank you, John. It is rare that when an article is written, the subject matter is 100 percent true and complimentary.
–Florence Muller, Rochester

I am a full-time adult student at Finger Lakes Community College and you can imagine my joy when I read your Spring 2007 issue and found “Valley of Dreams.” I made my first visit to the Muller Field Station last week and was just thrilled with it. What a generous and gorgeous gift our school was given. Incidentally, John Van Neil is my professor and advisor and I can’t say enough about the top-notch education I am receiving at FLCC. All my professors make learning fun and exciting. It’s a great school. I am so proud you chose to do an article on this, and I am happy to be a part of this awesome experience. Thanks again so much.
–Lisa, Canandaigua

Well, the weather finally got good enough to go to Montezuma. I was ready to leave and was driving up Route 89 to my home.

There is an osprey nest in a telephone pole, right by the road. The birds were rebuilding their nest, so I stopped to take some shots.

After taking quite a few, I thought I’d be bold and see how close to the telephone pole I could get. The osprey didn’t think it was a good idea and swooped down to scare me off. It worked!
–Mike, Williamson

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