How About a Map?
As a recent subscriber to your beautiful magazine, I often cannot find the location of communities mentioned in the advertising. It would be nice if every issue had a full page near the front with a map of the entire Finger Lakes region with all lakes and communities labeled.
— Thomas E. Snyder, M.D., Dewitt

We are addressing your request, as well as other readers’ requests, for a map of the Finger Lakes region. Across from this letter, on page 2, is a map that provides an idea of where major Finger Lakes communities are located. We will point out in red some of the cities and villages that are represented in the current issue.

Input from our readers helps to make the magazine better. Thanks for the good suggestion.
— Mark Stash, Editor

Theater in Ithaca
I am the marketing director at the Kitchen Theatre in downtown Ithaca. Would you believe that I have gotten three e-mails from folks upset by reading the description of the article about the State Theatre in the table of contents available online (Fall 2007 Issue)? I imagine the writer is probably referring to actual theatre buildings when she says that there is only one theatre left in Ithaca – the charming State. But as I am sure you are aware, Ithaca is home to five live theatres. The fact that Ithaca has so much theatre to offer is one of the wonderful things that make this area such a desirable place to live and to visit.
— Megan Pugh, Ithaca

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