More Green, Plus Blue and Gray
I would like to take this opportunity to commend you on your fine magazine, Life in the Finger Lakes. Recently, my wife, Dawn, and I discovered this local gem on our area newsstand and have enjoyed immensely both the informative articles and the wonderful photography you feature. As addicted weekend travelers of our local area, this has given us new destinations to explore that we might not have otherwise discovered.

We live in the town of Tully in southern Onondaga County. I am a custom-home builder specializing in super-energy-efficient design and construction, so I was happy to see your recent story on Ithaca’s Eco-Village. Inspired by this same project a few years ago, we recently started a small residential development in Tully named Southern View Estates. It blends many super-efficient energy designs and “green” products. To the casual observer, the development is no different in appearance from most other residential communities, therefore appealing to an even broader market of homeowners.
–John Bishop, Tully

My name is Joseph DeBell, I am a fifth-grade teacher in Dansville and live in Geneseo. I am also a Confederate re-enactor with the 21st Georgia and Union soldier in the 104th New York.

I picked up a copy of the Life in the Finger Lakes magazine this past week at Wegmans and really enjoyed it, especially Jan Smith’s article on the Elmira Cemetery. I have been a re-enactor for 16 years and my very first event was the dedication of the flagpole near the river that she writes about.

Every Veteran’s Day for much longer than I have been in the unit, we have done a very respectful and non-offensive service for the Confederates buried there. The event this year was on November 1 at the Woodlawn Cemetery.

Yer most obedient servant,
–Joseph DeBell, Geneseo

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