More About Birds
Marie Read’s bird photography in the Spring 2010 issue was absolutely beautiful. It also shed some light on a subject our family has found absolutely baffling. This past summer for approximately six weeks, we were awakened every morning by a loud banging on the “Dead End” sign in front of our home. After a few days of this racket we learned that we had a Yellow-bellied Sapsucker for an alarm clock. After reading Marie Read’s photo essay, we were ecstatic to find that this behavior is normal. We are hopeful to get our alarm clock back this year.
The Geronimo Family
Endwell, New York


Coming Back for Trout
Thank you for the wonderful article “Opening Day of Trout Season” in the Spring 2010 magazine. I have many fond memories of my almost annual pilgrimage to the local streams on April 1 that started when I was 13 and continued until I moved to Ohio in the early 80s. The best opening days came when April 1 was on a Saturday, when my father and my son would join in the fun. My dad and I never had much luck in landing the elusive rainbows, but my son who was, and still is, an excellent angler usually caught fish every year. After reading the article, I plan to make the pilgrimage back to the streams with my son once again on April 1, 2011. My dad at age 87 will probably not join in navigating the stream banks or wading in the cold water, but I am sure he will join us for the traditional post-outing breakfast and storytelling session.
Day T. Stephens
Massillon, Ohio


We regret the omission of Houghton College, Houghton, New York, from our higher education supplement featured in the Spring 2010 issue; as well as the Marion S. Whelan School of Practical Nursing, the Finger Lakes Health College of Nursing, and the Certified Nursing Assistant Training Program, all of which are located in Geneva.

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