Keep up the great work. Your magazine improves with every issue. We read it from cover to cover and it is always a delight when it appears in our mailbox.
– Graydon and Molly Youngman


I am blown away by the immediate response to my content in the magazine (2014 Holiday/Winter issue, Book Look: Dawn the Deer series book review, page 76). I’ve run ads in literally hundreds of other locations and never have I seen a response like this.

Dawn The Deer just sort of happened, but since it has been so well received I have toyed with the idea of creating more Finger Lakes/animal based stories along the same lines as the Dawn books, after I finish up my master’s degree.
– Troy Cusson


Thank you for featuring the quaint village of Canisteo in your winter/holiday issue. I was living in Canisteo when I retired to Florida in 1988. It certainly is a very friendly town.
Many of my family members are from Canisteo. One grandfather, Reverend Semple, was the minister of the Presbyterian Church for many years.
– Irene Middleton, Zephyrhills, Florida


“Canisteo – A Picturesque Village in the Valley” (2014 Holiday/Winter issue), written by James P. Hughes, does great justice to the very special community of Canisteo.  Much of our family has deep roots there, and my wife and I return frequently.

My father, Robert J. Childs, was eight years old when he was asked by his uncles Ed Childs and Harry Smith to come and help them plant the Canisteo Sign. They lived in two homes side-by-side, and owned the land on which they planted the sign. My dad worked several days helping them, and in the end they paid him 25 cents and two live chickens. The Childs and Smith families later donated the land to the Canisteo School District, with the provision that they maintain the Living Sign. And we are so grateful that they have.
– Bob Childs, Hammondsport

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