Leaning into a Healthy Life

Project LeanNation is a health-inspired nutrition company fueled by a deep passion for serving others. The business concept was born from the idea to foster a community where people can learn and grow in all aspects of health by adopting a healthy lifestyle. Storefronts range from Pennsylvania, down the coast to Georgia and as far west as Texas. The company’s New York locations include Rochester, Camillus, Binghamton and a new location in Canandaigua.
by Victoria Ritter, with Samantha Mandrino

Samantha and Chris Mandrino have observed that in a world that is going a hundred miles an hour, consumers need something that is fast and convenient. Many times, that means eating food that probably isn’t the best for them. The Mandrinos believe that they have found an answer to both problems by offering prepared meals and protein shakes in Canandaigua through a company called Project LeanNation.

The Mandrinos explained that Project LeanNation never set out to be in the food business, but to empower change by supporting their community with healthy meals, education and accountability. Its vision is to be the most impactful nutrition company in the local community by elevating the health and knowledge of every community it serves. Its focus is to provide support, education and sustainable meals while committing to client experience, team development and consistent predictable growth.

Chris owns Perform Athletix, a functional fitness style gym in Penfield. Samantha managed the Rochester Athletic Club while also working in emergency medicine.

“Samantha and I started our health and wellness journey struggling with our weight and took it upon ourselves to figure out the answers to a long healthy life,” said Chris. “We started in the fitness industry as personal trainers and group fitness instructors.”

“We both wanted to bring something unique and needed to the Finger Lakes area. Project LeanNation was the answer,” Samantha said. 

Samantha went on to add that many people struggle with their health and wellness, but more specifically how they look and feel about themselves. For her, nutrition is a fundamental part of having people look and feel the way they want. 

“If we can help just one person at a time, then we’ve done our job!  We are only here to serve others,” Samantha said.   

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