Late Winter and Early Spring Explorations at the Sterling Nature Center


Late winter and early spring hikes and explorations abound at the Sterling Nature Center. It is a 1,400 acre nature center with over 10 miles of hiking trails and 2 miles of Great Lake shoreline. They are located in northern Cayuga County in the Town of Sterling on the shore of Lake Ontario. They are also one mile north of the Sterling Renaissance Festival. For more information, email, or find them on Facebook and at or call the center at 315-947-6143.


Winter Botany

Friday February 25 at 1pm

Saturday February 26 at 1pm

We tend to go searching for wildlife all the time but what about the plant life that keeps the food chain running. Join the nature center for a winter botanical exploration and discover the winter plant life in fields, forests and wetlands at the Sterling Nature Center. Please remember to dress for the weather – Lake Ontario can be windy and colder – and pre-register by emailing


In Search of Owls

Friday March 11, 1pm

Saturday March 12, 1pm

There are at least three species of owls that nest at the Sterling Nature Center. Take a long hike in search of owls nesting and roosting at the nature center. Check the Beaver Wetland to see if the great horned owls are nesting there this year and then take a long hike to search for screech and barred owls along the trails.


Wandering Naturalist - Spring Equinox Walk

Sunday March 20 at 11am

Embrace the first day of spring by taking a walk to discover nature’s secret expression of the changing seasons. Search for the wonders that may be found if we only take the time to slow down and observe nature. Early spring migrants, nesting owls, and calling frogs are some of the possible wildlife you may encounter. Photography, journaling or just being intentionally curious about the natural world around us is encouraged. The program is free and open to the public.


Signs of Spring

Friday March 25, 1pm

Saturday March 26, 1pm

The Spring Equinox has arrived but does it feel like spring yet at the Sterling Nature Center? Join the center for an exploration of early spring wildlife. Is the great horned owl nesting? What about courting great blue herons, migrating blackbirds, river otter activity or other surprises to discover? Join members of the nature center for a walk to seek out signs that spring is upon us regardless of today’s weather.

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