Lakeside Retreat

Keuka Lake

This beautiful waterfront home on Keuka Lake was designed by award-winning Massachusetts architecture firm, Nicholaeff Architecture and Design. After she created an elegant estate for their year-round home in Massachusetts, Principal Doreve Nicholaeff was asked to design a home that related both to the lake and to the strong agricultural traditions in the area, for the homeowner’s retreat in the Finger Lakes.

The public front of the home itself suggests a farm that has evolved over time. From the lakeside, the home presents horizontally as three segments, with banks of windows wrapping the first and second floors. One wing houses two living spaces bisected by a substantial stone fireplace with the master suite above, while the opposite wing is occupied by a first floor grandparents’ suite with guest and children’s rooms above; all with stunning decor by interior designer Douglas Truesdale. The most impressive room in the home, however, is the one­ and-a-half story central kitchen, whose generous proportions, exposed pitched pine ceiling with clerestory windows, substantial dual islands, and large farmer’s table, suggest a communal camp dining hall and makes clear that this is the center of family togetherness.

With its red façade, square-paned windows, and inner simplicity, this home converses easily with both the lake-camp tradition and the rural farming community that surrounds it. It is a place for a busy family to gather, put their feet up and be calmed by the lake that stretches out before them.

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Builder: Hough Builders-
Interior Designer: Douglas Truesdale-

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