L.L. Bean and Finger Lakes Museum Offering Outdoor Clinics


The Outside is Everything We Make. That is the iconic slogan of the ever-popular outdoor gears company, L.L. Bean. They sell high-quality apparel for the whole family, outdoor equipment for all four seasons, and much more. L.L. Bean’s Outdoor Discovery programs bring their mission statement to life, providing individuals with opportunities to enjoy nature in all its glory. Their partnership with Finger Lakes Museum (FLM) for the second year of summer programs embodies their slogan and dedication to outdoor exploration. “L.L.Bean is proud to support the Finger Lakes Museum and its goal to bring the heritage and history of the Finger Lakes to life,” says Scott Janas, Department Manager with L.L.Bean and FLM Trustee. “With so many of our outdoor courses and clinics happening in and around the lakes, it just made sense to work together.”

The FLM holds the stunning beauty and diverse cultural stories of the Finger Lakes region in high regard. This can be seen through its ever-expanding program opportunities found throughout its 30-acre campus and at various partner locations. This partnership with L.L. Bean creates continued outdoor educational experiences to visitors and locals alike. There are several clinics on the schedule, one held each month in the summer season. These clinics will educate participants on various techniques for outdoor enjoyment at all skill levels.

The first clinic of four takes place on May 30, as an L.L. Bean expert will guide guests through the methods of animal tracking. The June 27 clinic teaches campfire cooking where guests will learn tips and tricks of preparing delicious meals to enhance any camping experience. The July 25 clinic will focus on the “Leave No Trace” Basics, which will cover the principles of responsible outdoor activities, ensuring respect and preservation of the areas for generations to come as a result of careful planning and consideration of the activity. The fourth and final L.L. Bean clinic will be held on August 22, covering outdoor survival and emergency preparedness-a must for those who are eager to spend time in nature! All clinics are free of charge and entrance into the state park is also free for these clinics.

The Finger Lakes Museum is a 501(c)(3), not-for-profit organization and is chartered by the New York State Education Department. See www.FingerLakesMuseum.org for more information or to contribute.

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