Keep Calm and Have a Finger Lakes Beer

Noble Shepherd Craft Brewery. Photo by Peter Blackwood
by Jason Feulner

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The craft beer scene is exploding nationwide. If you want to soak in the suds, there’s never been a better time to do so than in the past few years, and the beer expansion is showing few signs of slowing down.

So, with all this good stuff to drink, how does one even start to taste? Well, with a glass of course!

What's in a Name?

A brewery is just a brewery, but a brewery with an interesting name attracts attention. Some names seem pretty conventional, others are downright weird.

One might have to assume that the Seneca Lake Brewing Company is located on Seneca Lake (BINGO! Rock Stream, to be precise). Upstate Brewing in Elmira boasts a rotating list of over 40 different beers.

Don’t let an old name fool you. Yes, Genesee is the maker of stuff your granddad used to drink at the bowling alley, but like many major producers, it has a separate operation for craft beers, brewed at the Genesee Brew House, founded in 2012.

Check out a map which shows the participating craft breweries
in the May/June 2018 issue!

If you’re feeling a bit down on yourself, make sure to visit Knucklehead Brewery in Webster to grab a cold one and commiserate with thy fellow light-hearted sorts. It’s likely that the Auburn visitor’s bureau was scratching its collective head when the Prison City Pub and Brewery announced its opening in honor of the city’s major employer, the Auburn Correction Facility, site of the world’s first execution by electric chair.

If you visit the website of Hector’s Two Goats Brewing there is information on the main page that clears up the meaning of the name.

Q: Why Two Goats?

A: Because dopple bock means double bock. One of the German meanings for bock is “billy goat.” (See,
it does make sense).

One brewery in the Finger Lakes wins the crown for weirdest name: Felicia's Atomic Brewhouse and Bakery, located in Trumansburg. This place oozes dedication to the eclectic, and baker Amelia Sauter sums up the theme: “Did I mention we are a brewery AND a bakery? There aren’t many places where you can get all your vices taken care of in one place.

Come in for a beer and stay for a cupcake, or come in for a cupcake and stay for a beer! We have Cupcake and Beer Pairing events a few times a year which are very popular.”

Yes, I’m sure they are!



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