June Events at The Dove Block Project

Crochet Narratives by Saundra Elizabeth Goodman

Join them for Workshops, Lectures and Exhibits

The Dove Block Project, an emerging arts center in historic downtown Geneva, invites the community to visit and participate in programming offered throughout the month of June. In keeping with The Dove’s mission to bring arts programming to all members of the community, programs and events are free of charge to participants thanks to various grants and generous donations.

Here’s what’s planned for the month of June:

Friday, June 3 at 6:00 PM: Join us for “Continuum: About the Art Collecting of Dr. George N. Abraham H’59.” How do we evaluate art? What do we personally experience and consider when viewing art? Do we feel a connection to the artist or their intent? Does a work of art cause you to keep asking new questions? Dr. Abraham will share his life-long wonder and satisfaction of contemplating and collecting a diverse range of art. No registration required.

Saturday, June 4–July 2: The Dove Gallery presents two concurrent exhibits that bring joy through craft, texture, color, and humor. Both artists lure us into their imaginative worlds and show us new ways of seeing and appreciating the potential of everyday experiences and objects. Opening reception for both exhibits is Saturday, June 4, 3:00 to 5:00 PM. Reception music provided by Alex Specker of Ithaca alexspecker.bandcamp.com. No registration required.

Freeze Frame: Crochet Narratives by Saundra Elizabeth Goodman
Saundra Elizabeth Goodman of Ithaca, New York pairs crochet techniques with vibrant colors to create abstract and representative two- and three-dimensional works of art she describes as “like painting and sculpting with a crochet hook.” Goodman’s inspired work depicts landscapes, geometric designs and “emoji-like” pictorials. Her soft sculptural work includes a range of forms from bowls to abstract human shapes. All of Goodman’s work invites us to engage with her experience of the world through color, texture, and form.

The Works of Gary Carlson
The family of the late Geneva artist Gary Carlson shares his imaginative and eclectic three-dimensional creations inspired by—and made from—ordinary found objects. Carlson’s interest in found objects began in childhood when his father, who worked for a bus company, routinely brought home unclaimed items from the lost and found. From that point, Gary gained a life-long appreciation of objects and their stories. He began reconsidering objects and brought them together as new three-dimensional creations straight from his imagination. Gary’s machine shop and metal working experience helped him to fashion cohesive art from disparate items. He especially enjoyed solving problems of points of attachment and transition. Geneva residents may have known Gary from his years tending bar at the Side Show, where he enjoyed giving on-site tours of his creations in what he called the “Side Show Metropolitan Museum.”


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