June and July Events Feature Nature in Sterling

A great blue heron rookery at the Sterling Nature Center

The Sterling Nature Center is located in northern Cayuga County on Jensvold Road, one mile north of the Sterling Renaissance Festival. For more information, email snc@cayugacounty.us, or find us on Facebook and at www.cayugacounty.us or call the center at 315-947-6143.


Evening Beaver Walk

Friday June 10, 7pm

Saturday June 18, 7pm

Crepuscular wildlife are most active during the twilight hours. Join naturalist Jim D’Angelo for a look and listen for the wildlife that are active this time of day and experience the unique sounds of twilight with a hike through the nature center.   We will look for beaver activity along the Outlet Stream and Beaver Wetland.


A Day at the Rookery

Saturday June 11, 11am-2pm

Friday June 17, 11am-2pm

Take a look into the activity at the great blue heron rookery. Naturalist Jim D’Angelo will be stationed at the Beaver Wetland observation deck to answer your questions about the herons, eagles, mergansers and other wildlife utilizing the wetland. Come share in observing and discussing the natural history and habits of the wetland wildlife we encounter.


Herpetology: Reptiles & Amphibians

Friday June 24, 1pm

Saturday June 25, 1pm

Snakes, turtles, frogs, toads and salamanders will be the topic for exploration.   Join Naturalist Jim D’Angelo and help search for these sometimes creepy-critters and learn the truth about their beneficial behavior in our ecosystem.   There will be an indoor presentation before we head out on the trails. The program is ideal for kids with a parent as well as anyone with an interest in herpetology, the study of reptiles and amphibians. 


Folks March

July 9 &10

CNY Folksmarch will be visiting the Sterling Nature Center this weekend. A folksmarch is a non-competitive walking event conducted monthly for people of all ages and abilities in Central New York. For more information see:   folksmarch.wordpress.com  or email:   cnyfolksmarch@gmail.com


All About Bats

Friday July 15, 7:30pm

Saturday July 16, 7:30pm

Bats do many incredible tasks in their ecosystems from eating thousands of insects to pollinating flowers and dispersing seed. Join Naturalist Jim D’Angelo for a fascinating look into the lives of bats to discover the truths surrounding many common myths and the difficulties bats face.   We will also discuss how you can help these beneficial creatures of the night.   After the indoor presentation we will take a short walk to watch bats feeding on insects over the fields.   A special bat detector instrument will allow us to hear their echolocation calls as well.



Sunday Wandering Naturalist

Sunday July 17, 10am

We are going to try a new series of walks throughout the year to help you observe and connect with the flora and fauna of the Sterling Nature Center. These will be meandering walks along the trails in search of the wonders that may be found if we only take the time to slow down and observe. Photography, journaling or just being intentionally curious about the natural world around us will be encouraged. There may be time we just stop to wait, look and listen for the wildlife around or to observe patterns in their behavior. What we encounter will be according to the season and activity of the flora and fauna of that time.


Chasing Butterflies

Friday, July 22 at 1pm

Saturday, July 23 at 1pm

Join Naturalist Jim D’Angelo on a search for fluttering butterflies and their larva.   We will explore the fields, flowers and gardens of the Center for these beautiful creatures.   Identification tips and a discussion of their interesting behavior will take place along the walk.   We’ll also discuss how you can attract butterflies to your yard. An indoor presentation and discussion will take place before heading out into the field in search of butterflies to observe.


Dragonflies, Jewels of the Pond

Friday July 29 at 1pm

Saturday July 30 at 1pm

Join Naturalist Jim D’Angelo for an indoor presentation and discussion on dragonflies followed by a hunt for these insect masters of the sky. We will take a hike to wetlands and meadow to observe and identify these amazing creatures.  

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