“It’s a Wonderful Life” Cast Comes to Seneca Falls to Celebrate Film’s 75th Anniversary

Photo Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons
by Michael Nocella

Believe it or not, but it’s been 75 years since “It’s a Wonderful Life” premiered on December 20, 1946. To celebrate the iconic film’s anniversary, several cast members are coming to Seneca Falls – also known as “the real Bedford Falls.”

Legend has it that the film’s director, Frank Capra, had family in the area and was taken with Seneca Falls during a visit to a barbershop in town – so much so that it became the aesthetic inspiration for his fictional location in his movie, Bedford Falls.

As for the celebration, the location of the festivities began Wednesday night and will run through Sunday, December 12, and are being held at various locations in Seneca Falls, including the Gould Hotel, the Seneca Falls “It’s a Wonderful Life” Museum, the community center, Trinity Church, the post office, and more.


According to the “It’s a Wonderful Life” Museum website, these are the cast members expected to be in attendance:

  • Karolyn Grimes (“Zuzu Bailey”)
  • Carol Coombs (“Janie Bailey”)
  • Jimmy Hawkins (“Tommy Bailey”)
  • Michael Chapin (“Young George’s Friend”)
  • Donald and Ronald Collins (“Little Pete Bailey”)
  • George Bailey’s Car


Other Special Guests Associated with the Film:

  • Mary Owen (Donna Reed’s daughter; Board of Directors, The Donna Reed Foundation)
  • Monica Capra Hodges (Frank Capra’s granddaughter)
  • Carol Moss Loop (Virginia Patton’s daughter )


More Special Guests:

  • Brian Rohan (Actor, Jimmy Stewart/George Bailey)
  • Joseph Yakovetic (Artist)
  • Janie McKirgan (President/Executive Director, The Jimmy Stewart Museum)
  • Miles Ryan Fisher (Editor-in-Chief, Italian America Magazine)
  • Michael Willian (Author, The Essential It’s a Wonderful Life: A Scene-By-Scene Guide to the Classic Film)
  • Paul Abate (Artist)
  • Sal St. George & Darren St. George (St. George Living History Productions)
  • Harold Buchholz (Executive Producer and Writer, Mystery Science Theater 3000 — Netflix)
  • The Jason Middaugh Family (Creators — It’s a Wonderful LEGO Life)


For the full schedule of when and where to see all of the special guests to this event, visit wonderfullifemuseum.com and www.therealbedfordfalls.com.  



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