Immersive Shopping Experience Opens in Dansville


Vintage and Upcycled Lasting Treasures, also known as the V.A.U.L.T., adds new immersive shopping

What is an immersive shopping experience?

You might be familiar with vignettes in retail shops that display items to show you how they can work together, and you may have seen the traveling “immersive” art exhibits in the region, but the V.A.U.L.T.’s immersive shopping experiences take these concepts to a new level.

Nicole Alioto, owner

Three times during 2022, the V.A.U.L.T. transforms a dedicated space inside the shop into a multisensory experience that transports shoppers to a different time, place, or dimension! “Visitors enter the room and feel like they are somewhere else,” says Nicole Alioto, Owner of the V.A.U.L.T. “Not only can they see, hear, smell, and feel a completely different environment, they can purchase anything or everything in the room!” Just like the rest of the multivendor shop, all items in the immersive experience are vintage and/or upcycled.

Experience 1 runs February 2 through April 30, Experience 2 runs June 3 through August 31, and Experience 3 runs October 5 through December 23. Each experience is completely different and interactive, integrating technology features like augmented reality filters available to those who follow the shop on Facebook or Instagram.

A unique destination

With some support from the Livingston County Economic Development’s Dream-O-Vate program, the V.A.U.L.T.’s immersive shopping experience provides a unique destination in downtown Dansville, and the space can be rented as well. “Perhaps you want a different kind of senior photo or engagement announcement; you can arrange for a photo shoot. Maybe you want to celebrate a birthday or reunion; you can reserve the immersive space for a private event, too,” Alioto explained. “But since each experience is only open for three months, time is limited.”

Alioto sees the V.A.U.L.T.’s immersive shopping experience as a new and innovative way to do retail. “With online options, customers need more reasons to go to a physical location,” she says. “Why not make your shopping trip more of an adventure?”

Space Available

In the main part of the store, there is space for up to 27 vendors; prospective vintage and upcycling sellers should contact as soon as possible so they can secure a spot for March.

Shoppers are welcome Wednesday – Friday 12 – 6, and Saturday 10 – 3 at 153 Main Street, Dansville, New York (except on major holidays). Please wear a mask and use our hand sanitizer station upon entry. To reserve the immersive room for a private event, email

Visit the V.A.U.L.T.’s website at and follow the V.A.U.L.T. on Facebook and Instagram.

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