I Live in Green


I Live in Green

poetry from Daphne Solá,
from the literary magazine "Bluff & Vine"  Issue 7


I live in space
so green
I cannot leave it.

And therein lies the lie.
Winter in this northern place
forsakes the green

for black and white
Black branches, heavy,
packed in snow,

I hear the groans and cracks
when trees cry out
at 10 below.

O! I should leave this place
but embrace instead
the wish to fly

with the silly ducks and geese
who crowd my pond
yet, timely, head south

to wait for spring
and I will join them
aloft, a-wing,

left aground is my trammeled self
of high-esteem, so willingly
attached to green.

I hear the beat of dreamed-up wings
resound with touch and sense
of things,

things green, things black,
some foul, some fair.
I lift my head

to breathe in warm, then icy air,
a burden, human,
I must bear.

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