How To Prevent Shoreline Erosion

This rock rip-rap wall was installed to prevent shoreline erosion along Lake Ontario. Incorporating additional nature-based methods would improve stability of the wall to withstand storm waves. Photo: New York Sea Grant/Roy Widrig

NY Sea Grant Great Lakes Shoreline Erosion How-To Expertise, Guidebook, Virtual Site Visits, Contractor List Available for Fall

The fall season is an ideal time to evaluate shoreline properties along New York's Great Lakes for areas impacted by the natural dynamic action of the Lakes. New York Sea Grant is providing property owners with virtually-available resources and assistance that include:

  • a guide to Erosion Management for New York's Great Lakes Shorelines;
  • a virtual access portal at, where property owners can upload photos of areas of erosion, wave action, and flooding along Lake Erie and Lake Ontario for evaluation and advisement by New York Sea Grant (NYSG) Great Lakes Coastal Processes and Hazards Specialist Roy Widrig, author of the Erosion Management for New York's Great Lakes Shorelines guide. There is no cost for the review;
  • an updated list of contractors available for shoreline erosion project work in New York's Great Lakes region and guidelines for how to select a shoreline project contractor; and
  • several publications on coastal erosion processes and impacts, living shorelines, and manmade structures for erosion management.

"There is a full array of protection options that can be applied to address shoreline integrity issues. Each property, however, is a unique situation and these resources from New York Sea Grant help property owners and managers determine which option or combination of practices best suits their circumstances," said Widrig.

New York Sea Grant is a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration cooperative program of Cornell University and the State University of New York. It maintains Great Lakes offices in Buffalo, Newark, and Oswego. For more information, visit the website at

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