How to Build a firepit


Enhance Your Backyard Environment

Firepits are an easy DIY project for you and your family. They’re not that difficult to build and supplies are readily accessible.

To help us with this how-to on creating a simple structure for your family’s backyard, we talked to Chris from Sensenig’s Landscape Supply in Geneva.

What’s needed before you begin
All materials are available at Sensenig locations

Fire pit elements
• firepit ring kit (round and square inserts included)
• pavers
• crusher stone
• decorative stone
• leveling sand

• garden spade (for clean straight edges)
• transfer shovel
• tape measure
• tamper
• level
• landscape construction adhesive
• caulk gun
• mallet
• wheelbarrow
• landscape paint

Call 811 before you dig. Many utilities are buried only inches below the ground.

1. Once you have the required tools and materials, start by choosing the best location. Pick a spot that is away from trees, brush, siding or anything else that may be damaged by heat or flame.
2. Mark the location using landscape paint. We have decided to add decorative stone 6 inches around our fire pit ring edge, so we have marked out a bit further then needed for the firepit.
3. Dig out the spot to a depth of at least 6 inches and level with a rake. Be sure to remove any large stones or rocks that will prevent a good base.
4. Add three inches of crusher stone
5. Tamp with a mechanical or hand tamper.
6. Repeat this step with leveling sand, tamping and checking for a level surface.
7. Place the firepit ring in the center and check your measurements.
8. Begin stacking your blocks to complete a first row, using a rubber mallet to level and adjust the pavers into place. If you will be using adhesive on your firepit you may add it to the top of the first course of block.
9. Continue stacking and repeat the steps for a third and final row, and then replace the steel insert
10. Add decorative stone in the firepit and around the perimeter for an upgraded look.
11. Sit back, relax and enjoy your new firepit.

Sensenig’s Landscape Supply – Hardscape Experts

The motto at Sensenig’s is “People, Products and Price.”

Sensenig’s opened for business in 1995 as company that sold mulch. In 2004 they started selling stone and hardscape materials. In 2005 a second location was built on Buffalo Road in Gates, near Rochester. By 2016, Sensenig’s specialized in stone, hardscapes, patios, ponds and firepits. They have a comprehensive collection of natural stone that rivals any other company’s products in the region.

There are 33 employees at Sensenig’s, and another 36 employed with the Flint Creek Transport Trucking Company, a subsidiary. The trucking company delivers stone and other products, and over 3,000 semi loads of mulch a year.

To learn more, visit

1516 Routes 5 & 20, Geneva, NY 14456 • 315-789-0095
3670 Buffalo Road, Rochester, NY 14624 • 585-594-2221

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