Harvest Season

The pumpkins on the cover of this issue remind me of the fruit of our labors. They showcase what we can achieve if we are persistent and add some nutrients now and then. Those pumpkins didn’t get that big by themselves.

There are two articles in this issue that bring the harvest season to the forefront of my thoughts. The first one is about the Ithaca Farmer’s Market, a wonderful attraction at the southern tip of Cayuga Lake. In the summer and fall, fruits and vegetables are sold, and artisans and craftsmen showcase their work. Bakers and chefs show us what they can make from the harvest, and the music of local bands accompany the shoppers.

While we have touched on just one farm market here, but there are many throughout the Finger Lakes, from small roadside stands selling pies and bell peppers, to markets held in villages and cities. They are a coming together of many colorful and good things, and it makes you feel good to shop them and peruse their products.

The other article is about the Lafayette Apple Festival held each year in Lafayette, just south of Syracuse near Route 81. This festival isn’t only about the apple harvest, but a showcase of many talented and enthusiastic people from the region with their product of choice.

Just down the road from the Lafayette Apple Festival is an apple farm called the Beak & Skiff. I first heard the name when my wife and I were planning to meet her brother and family there. They liked to go in the fall to pick apples and enjoy the festivities. But my introduction to the event was from my sister-in-law, who said “let’s go to beeknskiff.” Never having heard that name before, I was clueless as to what she was saying. Naturally, after visiting there and enjoying their delicious apples, I know all about now.

It always seems the apples and other fruit picked right from the tree are the best tasting. When I was growing up in Pennsylvania my family would visit a cherry orchard near our home. The owners provided interesting ladders that came to a point at the top. They would place them in a fork of the tree so we could climb and pick to our heart’s content. I don’t think I’ve tasted another cherry as good as those.

I have several more “berry and fruit picking” stories, but I’ll save those for another time. Right now, I’d like to tell you about something readers have been asking us to do for years. We are so excited and proud to announce that the brand new, premier copy of the 2010 Life in the Finger Lakes calendar is now available. We have printed a limited supply of these calendars, so you need to grab yours quick, before we run out.

The only way to buy the 2010 calendar is to go online to our website, www.LifeintheFingerLakes.com, where there is a link for ordering. It’s simple and easy. We are unable to process orders by phone, so please use the above method.

Enjoy your calendar and have an apple or two this fall.

by Mark Stash

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