Getting to the Bus on Time

 Lately I have become more familiar with the travel options available in and out of Ithaca. This past week, I used the Short Line Bus service to travel from Ithaca to New York City and back for an interview. I purchased my ticket online ($97 for a midweek round trip from Ithaca to New York City) and felt happily prepared to make it to the bus with my pre-printed ticket at 7:20 a.m. to arrive in the city by 1 p.m. But, on Wednesday morning I learned an important lesson that I should have already known: always arrive earlier than the time departure is set to be. After missing the bus (barely, we drove into the bus station just as the bus was turning out to leave), I was preparing myself for the prospect of not reaching the city in time for my 3 p.m. interview. Luckily though, I was promised a refund for the Short Line Bus ticket and given the option of purchasing a ticket through Greyhound. This bus got me to the city for $109, without making any stops along the way.

I enjoyed the 4-5 hour bus ride – I was able to plug in my laptop (it has to be plugged in to work . . .) on the bus, which was an unforeseen perk because it gave me the opportunity to then review interview questions and do some writing. The seats were comfortable enough for me to take a nice, long nap, and when I wasn’t writing or sleeping I was able to read my book in peace. The bus was quiet and uncrowded. Taking a bus from Ithaca took away the stress of driving into New York City, which was certainly a welcome reprieve for me as it made me more comfortable for my interview as well.

I was interviewing at the Japanese Consulate in Manhattan for a position as an Assistant Language Teacher for English in Japan. If I’m to go abroad and teach, I will carry with me my appreciation for public transportation and the voice of my roommate Rosette who reminds me to arrive early, because its those details like transportation that we have to abide by and are most likely to trip us up.

By Kathleen Malnati




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