Geneva Historical Society Changes Name to Historic Geneva


Effective July 14, the Geneva Historical Society changed its name to Historic Geneva. It also has a new logo and website. The organization’s Board of Trustees voted to adopt the name change while developing a communications plan. Geneva Historical Society will remain the group’s legal name, Historic Geneva Executive Director Kerry Lippincott said. The change is part of a multi-year process to rebrand and restructure the organization’s membership program. According to Lippincott, over the last decade many historical societies have made this change. In their early history, historical societies were often started as heritage clubs by elite members of communities. They later evolved into community-based organizations, but retained a reputation for exclusion. This is the case with Historic Geneva, which is not changing its mission. “We tell Geneva’s stories. This is not changing,” Lippincott says. “Historic Geneva is filled with stories. Changing our name reflects our interest in including all people of Geneva. People have often thought that our museums and programs were only open to Historical Society members, which has never been the case. Geneva’s population is trending younger and more diverse, and we want to reach out and be welcoming to younger visitors and new members of the community. The change in name and branding will help emphasize this.”

Geneva’s past and present are filled with rich and diverse stories. Architecture, innovation, industry, transportation, music, and immigration are just some of these stories. Each story connects people to Geneva’s past as a way to engage them in the present and look to the future. The new tagline, “Our Past Can Change Your Future,” reflects this.

Historic Geneva tells Geneva’s stories through the Geneva History Museum, Rose Hill Mansion, and Johnston House, and online at They are also found on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

For more information about this change, call Historic Geneva at 315-789-5151. Historic Geneva’s offices and the Geneva History Museum are located at 543 South Main Street. Summer hours are Monday through Saturday, 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

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