Fundraising Shopping Cart Dash in Trumansburg

Former Trumansburg Rotary Supermarket Sweepstakes winner, Edie Fulton, fills her cart in three minutes and tears back to cash out at the Trumansburg ShurSave.

On your mark. . . Get set. . . Get your tickets for the Trumansburg Rotary Club’s sixth nearly-yearly Supermarket Sweepstakes shopping-cart dash!  This year’s date is Wednesday, March 21, 2018, at 6:30 p.m. The possessor of the winning ticket, or his or her fleeter-of-foot designee, will have three minutes to tear through the shopper-free aisles of the Trumansburg ShurSave Supermarket, grabbing goodies from shelves, refrigerators, and freezers, loading them into a shopping cart, and getting that cart to the front of the store. Onlookers will enjoy thrills and, hopefully, not too many spills.

Of course, there are a few rules:  Eligible goods are groceries only – no alcohol, tobacco, or pharmaceutical products.  The winner can select one of each item (for example, one sirloin, one ribeye, one porterhouse steak, but not a stack of six porterhouse steaks, multiple packages of cheddar cheese, or an entire carton of chicken noodle soup cans.)  The winning contestant is not required to stop if they spill or knock over something – Rotarians will pick up after them. A quick-moving previous winner cashed out over $600 worth of groceries in her three-minute dash.

Supermarket Sweepstakes tickets are available at Ehrhart Energy, from Trumansburg Rotary Club members, and at the Trumansburg ShurSave. Drawing for a winner will take place on Thursday, March 15.

The Sweepstakes is a fundraiser for local youth, education, arts, and health programs supported by the club, as well as for international programs focused on health, development, and international understanding. Trumansburg Rotary meets Thursday nights at 6:30 at Trumansburg’s American Legion Post 770, 4431 Seneca Road.  The club invites those who might like to join the club in building fellowship and in benefitting communities at home and abroad to join them for dinner.

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