Freedom Boat Club of Canandaigua Prepares for the 2021 Boating Season


The Finger Lakes represent one of the area’s greatest natural resources, offering an abundance of boating and recreational activities. The fourth largest of the Finger Lakes, Canandaigua Lake, also known as the “Chosen Spot” is home to Freedom Boat Club, the one and only boat club at Seager Marina offering its members a convenient and low barrier to entry to enjoy some of the world’s most pristine waterways.

Members of Freedom Boat Club pay a one-time entry fee and monthly dues, and in exchange, Freedom maintains a fleet of boats for members to use as often as they’d like. From the storage and cleaning to the maintenance and insurance, Freedom handles it all, so members can simply arrive to the marina, enjoy a day on the water and hand over the keys after returning from their adventure.

Due to the global pandemic, the boating industry experienced an unprecedented demand as consumer looked for safe, social-distance activities. Freedom Boat Club of Canandaigua saw the same increase in both new members joining and current members taking boats out in record numbers. With the upcoming 2021 boating season, Freedom is preparing for an even stronger year and looking forward to serving new members to introduce the convenience of the boating sharing model and the fun of the on-water lifestyle.

To learn more, visit: Freedom Boat Club of Canandaigua

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