Financial Help for Historic Naples

. Village square area looking southeast from western slope of valley, c.1861 – reportedly oldest known photograph of Naples. Labeled for ease of identifying locations referenced in this report: extant in yellow, lost in red.

Naples Historical Society receives grant from the Rochester Area Community Foundation

The Naples Historical Society has been awarded a $10,000 grant from the Rochester Area Community Foundation. This grant, which is funded by the Lloyd E. Klos Historical Fund at the Community Foundation, will support the Naples National Register Historic District Initiative.  The Naples Historical Society is partnering with the Village of Naples Historic District Committee, and the Landmark Society of Western New York as consultant, to develop final National Register of Historic Places nominationsfor three Historic Districts and one individual property (Fairview Cemetery) identified in the 2019 Naples Historic Resources Survey performed by the Landmark Society.

National Register designation is good for home and business owners giving them access to the New York State Homeownership Rehabilitation Tax Credit program. A historic district can also be an excellent marketing tool and can help build neighborhood pride. According to Naples Mayor Brian Schenk, “the nomination to and establishment of these districts on the National Register is an integral part of implementing the long term strategic plan goals for the Village of Naples.   Recognition of these districts will assist in accomplishing these goals by raising awareness of their cultural and economic importance within the community, and by enabling potential tax credits and grant funding. Established National Register districts will strengthen the tourism base by maintaining local authenticity while helping to ensure that proper planning, zoning, and resource development standards are adhered to in order to maintain an inviting atmosphere and quality experience for both visitors and residents.”

The three distinct National Register-eligible historic districts within the village are associated with the village's development as a regional milling, viniculture, and commerce center in the 19th and early to mid-20th centuries. The old Fairview Cemetery is associated with the area's early settlement.   The State Historic Preservation Office, a division of the New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation, concurred with the Historic Resources Survey results and determined that all are eligible for listing on the National Register of Historic Places.  The Landmark Society of Western New York has been identified as the consultant to coordinate the detailed efforts necessary to proceed with the National Register application process which will take several years to complete.  “This grant will enable the community to go forward in hiring the Landmark Society of Western NY to complete the National Register nomination which involves extensive research, writing and documentation of more than 250  structures in the  proposed districts.” according to Chairperson Paul Lambiase.

The final Historic Resources Survey can be accessed at:


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