Fat Bikes Under the Lights at Hunt Hollow Ski Club

Approximately 25 racers competed in the Feb. 4 criterium at Hunt Hollow. The rider who completes the most laps in one hour is the winner. The unseasonably warm weather softened the snow enough to make pedaling quite difficult for racers.

Fat bikes on ski slopes are a sight to see and Hunt Hollow Ski Club in Naples is the place to catch a glimpse of the latest extreme sport trend. Park Ave Bike Shop owner Andy August has organized a series of nighttime races and the third and final race is set for Thursday night, Feb. 11 beginning at 6 p.m.

Fat bikes feature special frames and special tires at least 3.5 inches wide. The bikes were born out of a need to improve riding in the snowy climes of Alaska, but now the fattie phenomenon is a mainstream activity for thrill seekers everywhere.

So who races?

“Around here right now it’s mostly middle-age men in it for the thrill and the fun,” said August, who runs the races to raise money for the Hunt Hollow Race Team, of which he is a sitting board member. “These are men and women who love to be competitive and love to be outside.”

For more information go to www.bikereg.com.

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