Enjoy a Unique Fourth of July Celebration in Geneva


Fourth for the Fourth – Arbors Neighborhood’s 4th Annual 4th of July Family Fun Parade and Festival

Geneva’s Arbors Neighborhood Association announces the Fourth Annual 4th of July Family Fun Parade and Festival will be held on our nation’s 243rd birthday, Thursday, July 4th, 2019. In addition to the parade and morning festival, festivities will include the 2nd running of the Great 4th of July Kiddie Car Race. The committee has chosen Geneva City Manager, Sage Gerling, as this years’ festival Grand Marshal, in recognition of her continuing efforts to assist Geneva in becoming a better place for visitors, businesses and residents.

The Family Fun Parade began as a way to celebrate the patriotic holiday in an old-fashioned family friendly way by parading Old Glory and the red, white and blue up the main street of the Arbors Neighborhood, West High Street. Over the last few years, the tradition has grown to include police and fire units, floats, decorated convertibles and pick-ups filled with costumed celebrants, vintage and classic vehicles, bicyclists, youth groups and church groups, kids in wagons and kiddie cars, moms and dads with strollers, drummers and noise makers, walkers and skateboarders. The parade committee extends an invitation to all Genevans to participate in clever and fun patriotic ways. The committee will award a Most Patriotic and Best Sister neighborhood participation awards to those that exhibit the best of the best of the red, white and blue. Upon accepting the grand marshal invitation, Sage Gerling elected to eskew the traditional grand marshal convertible in favor of her bicycle. The committee acquiesced and, as a show of support for all working women and mothers, is encouraging other women to ride along with Ms. Gerling. The parade line-up begins at 9 a.m. in the parking area of McDonough Field at the intersection of Nursery Avenue and Lyceum Street. The parade begins at 10 a.m., heading south on Nursery Avenue to West High Street. It will continue west on High Street past the festival site at Reed Street to terminate and disperse at Bennett Street.

The Family Fun Festival, with children’s activities and games, music, El Morro and Pizza Posto food trucks, cookies and treats, beverages, and local vendors begins at 9 a.m. and runs until noon at the Arbors Green located at Reed and West High Streets. Free vendor space is available for various group fundraisers, home businesses, foods, crafts or information. To reserve your space or to receive additional information, see contact info below.

The newest addition to the 4th of July morning of fun, the Great 4th of July Kiddie Car Race, is returning for its second outing. The kid-friendly event pits tot driver against tot driver in an oval race track matchup. Heats of two cars will run the oval to a final elimination to determine the winner in each division. The divisions, in two age groups, 3 – 4 and 5 – 6, are pedal powered and electric/battery powered. Winners in each division and age group will be presented with a trophy with participation medals for all entrants. For our event contest purposes, electric kiddie cars are any battery-operated vehicle designed for children 6 and under while pedal powered could also be a Playskool Plastic Coupe or tricycle. All contestants must wear a protective helmet as well as any other protective gear deemed necessary by the child’s guardians. There are no forms or registrations to compete. However, the committee requests the participation of all race contestants in the 4th of July Family Fun Parade. The Great Kiddie Car Race is slated to begin at 10:45 a.m. at the race track oval on W. High Street in front of the festival site at the Arbors Green.

Please contact Jerry Ashley, Chairman of the Arbors Neighborhood 4th of July Family Fun – dogwoodthree@yahoo.com – for more information.

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