Do What You Love

by Mark Stash

I love working on this magazine. It takes creativity, organizational skills, persistence and a great respect for the craft of magazine publishing to put together a piece that is appreciated and loved by loyal readers. It also requires a lot of great teamwork within our company. It seems that almost everyone is involved in some way, shape or form to get Life in the Finger Lakes out the door.

There really is not much of a preference on my part which bimonthly issue is my favorite. And at the same time, I think the November/December issue is special because of the annual photo contest. It gives you, the reader, the opportunity to show your stuff and be acknowledged for your talents. From the very start of the publication in 2001, I have always been amazed by the interesting stories and beautiful pictures that people send to me. The passion for this region is apparent, because it is a special place in the world. I feel lucky every day that I have an opportunity to live here and to enjoy all the positive aspects of this region.

When the photo contest is judged, there is always at least one photograph that I wished made it into the winner’s circle. There are so many great photos that are not prize winners, and I wish I could publish each and every one of them. And each year, I have an Editor’s Choice pick that I like to present. This year, it’s a photo by Spencerport’s Charles Vaughn named “Manitou Road Sunrise.” I love this picture because it evokes feelings of warmth. The subject matter represents one of my favorite times of the year when so many native wildflowers are blooming in the meadows.

Thank you for reading the magazine, and find that thing in life that you love to do, and do it.

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