A Decade of Opportunity

by Mark Stash

With a new decade comes new ideas and a fresh outlook. That can be realized in many different forms. A healthier lifestyle. A change in living arrangements. A new career. The new decade is the opportunity to create a new identity from the previous 10 years. Some changes don’t have to be so drastic, and at the magazine, we have decided that a little update is in order.

You will probably notice an updated design within the pages of the print publication. We are going for a cleaner look – more of a simple and minimalist approach. In our stories, we will be engaging with readers more often through surveys and asking for your ideas and stories and photographs. Reader input is important to us and, frankly, to you as well. You as a lover of the Finger Lakes and as a loyal reader of the magazine want to have a voice, to be heard. We will do our best to bring some of your ideas to light on these pages in future editions.

The region is known for its beautiful landscapes, with the lakes and farmland and woodlands making up the majority of the area. And there are beautiful villages and bustling cities, along with the interesting stories of the people living within these centers. We want to bring you their stories.

Along with the people in the region are the fun activities and events that we all love to do in our free time. From snowmobiling on picturesque trails, to live music in local taverns, we enjoy the variety of entertainment. The Finger Lakes Region, even though mostly a rural area, does offer so many different things for different tastes. Wineries and breweries are quickly becoming cultural centers in their own right by promoting the arts and music, along with offering delicious beverages.

I’m excited about the possibilities in the next decade. How about you?


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