Developing an Idea

Sunrise over Canandaigua City Pier
by Mark Stash

A simple idea can develop into something concrete and life-altering. According to, “Idea development is simply about implementing different ways of exploring ideas and composing solutions that best solve the problem in the most effective manner.” There are actual stages involved in this process – brainstorming, mind mapping, reverse thinking, collaboration, incubation, illumination and finally implementation.

Without getting mired in the details of how this all works, I was compelled to write about this because of all the ideas from local people that I can see being put to use within the pages of this publication. Everything from artistic notions to small and larger business ventures. It’s really inspiring to say the least.

Stephen Kalbach is a photographer from Farmington who thought that taking photos from a drone in the sky was something different and exciting. He has developed his photography business to specialize in that kind of work. His photos are outstanding and beautiful and really capture the sprawling landscape that is the Finger Lakes Region (page 40).

Faced with rising material costs, Carol and Lou Fantauzzo from Naples decided to build their dream cabin in the woods by upgrading a 14- by 44-foot shed that they had delivered to their rural location. Having been involved in the construction of several other homes over the years, they had experience in this area. And working with an architect helped them to implement a plan for cabin design and layout. Their idea became their cozy place in the woods (page 77).

Trees have long been a major theme in artist Stephen Brucker’s glass artwork. “As a young gay male growing up on a cattle farm in rural Upstate New York, I endured constant harassment and bullying,” said Brucker. He would escape to the nearby woods where the trees would become his protective sanctuary. Because of this experience, his ideas and inspiration have developed into a successful creative career working with the medium of glass (page 26).

No matter what ideas you have, they have substance. And all it takes is the time and effort to develop them, if that desire is strong enough. Enjoy autumn in the Finger Lakes!


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