Derek Doeffinger, Welcoming Waterfalls

Each time, the falls looked different, even if I went back a year later on the same date. What most affected the appearance of a spot was the season. Not surprisingly, the winter gorge and the summer gorge differed most dramatically. Even without snow or ice, they were completely different, but not because of snow. It was the light and the lack of leaves. Surprisingly, though the days of winter are shorter and the sun lower in the sky, the winter gorge is brighter.

My obsession with waterfalls began with another obsession—photography. I took pictures like some people chain-smoke. A camera was always in my hands, and I was always pressing the shutter button. I don’t think I’ll psychoanalyze why. My obsession with photography led to a job with Kodak as a writer/ photographer for how-to photo books. I always needed new pictures, new subjects for the books. Eventually, the need for pictures led me to a waterfall. And then the need for waterfalls led me to other waterfalls.

Waterfalls and Gorges of the Finger Lakes is an exquisite book by Derek Doeffinger, published by McBooks Press in Ithaca, NY. It is the result of years spent exploring the many waterways of the Finger Lakes Region that contains these magnificent falls. Every season of the year is captured in the numerous photographs gracing the pages.  You can order this book from any bookstore or directly from McBooks Press, 120 West State Street, Ithaca NY 14850. You can also order by calling toll-free 1-888-266-5711 or visit

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