Creating the To Do List

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by Mark Stash

Do you ever think about planning out your weekends for the summer and fall and wonder what there is to do? I’m in the middle of that decision-making right now, and as I work on putting together the July/August 2024 edition of Life in the Finger Lakes magazine, I am inundated with “to do” ideas within the pages of not only this issue, but magazine issues from years past.

        The team at the publishing office likes to think that many of the stories that we present can be timeless, and these issues can serve as reference for the Finger Lakes for years to come. Some businesses can come and go we realize, but there are many that stick around. And that’s not even including all the sights to see that never go away.

        Last summer I had the opportunity to go on an adventure – visiting Finger Lakes Rail Riders in Penn Yan (page 58). The idea is to sit on a rail car that you power through pedals, like riding a large 4-wheel bicycle down the tracks. There’s even a braking system in case you get a little too enthusiastic with the speed, because you don’t want to continuously bump into the person in front of you! It was a wonderful way to experience the summer landscape in the Penn Yan area. There was a group of us that witnessed various kinds of wildlife, flowers, Mennonite buggies going down the roads, blue skies and fresh air. I highly recommend this for anyone with even a slightly adventurous spirit. And if you’re pedal power isn’t what it used to be, have no fear. Your partner sitting on the seat beside you can certainly help propel the both of you along the way.

        Most people don’t necessarily think of garage sales as an all-day event, but that’s not true with the Route 90 garage sale in the eastern part of the Finger Lakes Region (page 38). The 50-mile stretch from Montezuma to Homer has many places to stop and search for special and unique treasures. This year the sale happens on July 27 and 28. Come prepared with space in your vehicle to haul away all the items that you can’t pass by without buying.

        “Donuts ... is there anything they can’t do?” This quote by Homer Simpson has never been more true when you combine the power of the sugared treat with craft beer (page 64). Owego Donut and Beer is one happy place for lovers of both items that can rank high on the food pyramid. This sounds like a fun place to stop by and take care of two different cravings, plus you can pour your own beer from their beer wall, sampling many different brews. And their various kinds of donuts can keep you on a sugar high for hours to come. It doesn’t get much better than that.

        In order to burn off all those extra calories, we have a story that will help you prepare for exploring the great outdoors. The Saunders Finger Lakes Museum (page 34) has several ideas for how to safely enjoy your time outside – from protecting yourself from ticks to blocking those harmful rays from the sun.

               Most of you are probably better planners than me for what you’re doing for the summer and already have everything mapped out. But for those procrastinators out there, and I can be one of them, keep an open mind on different things to do during the warm and lovely summer months.


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