Corning’s Gaffer District Announces July 4th “Rediscover Corning” Event

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Corning’s Gaffer District announced recently it will be hosting a “Rediscover Corning” event for the 4th of July holiday weekend.

If approved by Corning City Council, the event will include a pedestrian-only use of Market Street from 6AM on Thursday, July 1, until 8AM on Tuesday, July 6. No other pedestrian-only use of the street will be requested this summer.

“This summer is not last summer,” said Rick Maxa, board president. “We are no longer under a lockdown and more and more restrictions are being lifted. Therefore, our board no longer saw the need for a longer-term limit of vehicles on the street and we had to consider the interests of all of our more than 240 businesses. However, we do want to have a community celebration to observe the light at the end of a very long pandemic tunnel.”

He said the Gaffer District hopes locals and visitors will take advantage of the long holiday weekend to visit, shop and eat downtown.

Maxa cited research which factored into the decision that showed the 4th of July weekend as the busiest summer visitor weekend for the city. It also promises this year to be a nationwide turning point in the COVID battle.

Executive Director Coleen Fabrizi added, “Corning’s Gaffer District is very excited to be producing the ‘Rediscover Corning’ event for the 4th of July weekend. This is in addition to the plans we already have for GlassFest Fusion May 24-30, which will kick off the Summer in Downtown series, including Farmers Market, Storytime, picnics in the park, pop-up entertainment and a variety of cross-promotions with participating retail, restaurants and personal care providers in our downtown. Our businesses are ready to welcome consumers to enjoy our downtown whether they are shopping, dining, exploring or just making a great memory as they stroll along our beautiful streetscapes.”

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