Conesus Lake Land Protected


Siblings Doug, Deb, and Lynn grew up spending summers enjoying Conesus Lake and the traditional July 3rd fireworks. When their father passed away in 2018 the siblings began considering options for this land that sits just above the east side of Conesus Lake.

The three of them have moved away, living in North Carolina, Arkansas, and Iowa, and were not looking to move back to the property, nor were they interested in owning and maintaining the property from afar. They felt the land should be owned by someone who would appreciate the open space benefits, the ongoing agricultural production that could result, and help balance the increasing development ringing the lake and putting a strain on municipal water systems and the clean water needed by those recreating on Conesus Lake.

Enter Genesee Valley Conservancy. Doug discovered the organization after some internet searches. Due to his dedicated volunteer role creating Monarch Butterfly habitat in Iowa as part of a conservation effort, he was familiar with the type of conservation group he hoped could help protect this land.

After meeting staff onsite during trips to settle the family estate, this parcel, with 75% USDA prime soils, including drainage into Conesus, and sitting just across the from lake, the siblings placed a Conservation Easement on the property to limit future development on the parcel and ensure the lands natural benefits as open space will continue to benefit the water quality of Conesus Lake. The land has been sold to a new owner who will be able to benefit from the ongoing productivity of the land.


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