Come to The Dove for a month of Mandala-themed activities


The Dove Block Project, an emerging arts center in historic downtown Geneva, invites the community to visit and participate in programming offered throughout the month of September. In keeping with The Dove’s mission to bring arts programming to all members of the community, programs and events are free of charge to participants thanks to grants and many generous donations. 

Join them this September to learn about mandalas. In the ancient Sanskrit language of Hinduism and Buddhism, mandala means “circle.” It is a geometric design or pattern that represents the cosmos or deities in various heavenly worlds used to facilitate contemplation and meditation. Come to The Dove to observe the creation of a colored sand mandala for Geneva by an ordained Tibetan Buddhist monk, attend a presentation to learn about mandala history, and register for a workshop to draw your own personal mandala. 


Mark your calendars:

  • Friday and Saturday, September 2 and 3, 9:00 AM–12:00 PM and 1:00–4:00 PM

Mandala creation by the venerable Lama Tenzin Yignyen

Mandala painting itself is a very beautiful art, but the main beauty and the uniqueness of the mandala is in the meaning behind it which can beautify our lives and world. The construction of a mandala is also considered a blessing for the place it is created and its people. The Venerable Lama Tenzin Yignyen, an ordained Tibetan Buddhist monk, holds a degree of “Master of Sutra and Tantra” studies from the Namgyal Monastery of His Holiness the Daai Lama in Dharamsala, India. The community is invited to watch as Lama Tenzin Yignyen creates a colored sand mandala at The Dove over the course of two days. Mandala will be on view September 7–30. Dismantling Ceremony, Saturday, October 1, 1:00 PM


  • Wednesday, September 7 through Friday, September 30

Mandala on view for visitors
Come to The Dove to see the mandala created for Geneva by Lama Tenzin Yignyen


  • Friday, September 16, 6:00 PM
    “The Geometry of Mandalas: Imagery and Medium, Space and Order” by Lara Blanchard

In Buddhist art, the mandala is an important visual form, designed to help viewers understand relationships among deities and to facilitate the practice of meditation. Most mandalas include images of deities and/or places, arranged in combinations of circles and rectangles that describe spatial orientations and suggest hierarchical orders. Supremely versatile, mandalas can be created in different media, including paintings, tapestries, sand installations, sculptural assemblages, and even architectural structures. This presentation explores the cosmic interactions of imagery, medium, space, and order in historical mandalas associated predominantly with the school of Esoteric Buddhism in Central Asia, East Asia, and Southeast Asia.


  • Saturday, September 24, 11:00 AM (registration required)
    Draw your own personal mandala with art educator, Camille Gruner
    What is Mandala art? The word Mandala comes from the ancient Indian language (Sanskrit), which means a Circle or Center. Mandala is drawn from the central point and is surrounded by beautiful patterns and decorations that are connected and interrelated. A mandala is mainly created for a meditation purpose, being used to maintain the mind. When practicing mandala art therapy, it allows you to take your mind off of negative things and decrease negativity in your life. Mandala helps release stress and prevent negative thoughts and bad energy. This workshop is made possible by a grant from the Wyckoff Family Foundation. Refreshments generously provided by Red jacket Orchards.


Register for this interactive workshop to observe a mandala on display at The Dove Block and create your own mandala drawing for personal meditation and reflection. All levels of experience are welcome in this introductory class for adults and families with children ages 8 and up. Bring an open mind, material provided. Register at

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