Celebrate Arthur Dove’s Birthday in Geneva on August 2

Arthur Dove’s studio wall, 2022 restoration

The Dove Block Project in historic downtown Geneva invites the community to a “pop-up” birthday celebration for Geneva’s own pivotal American artist, Arthur Dove, on Tuesday, August 2 at 5:30 p.m. at The Dove, 465 Exchange Street. Arthur Dove was born on August 2, 1880; this year marks his 142nd birthday. 

Dr. Jim Spates, Arthur Dove Honorary Chair of The Dove Block Project and Charles Bauder, Director Emeritus of Historic Geneva and Board Member of The Dove Block Project, will welcome visitors and give a tour of the community arts center including the faithful restoration of Dove’s studio wall on the third floor. The main floor, with its Arthur Dove-inspired floor mural, is home to creative workshops and regional art exhibits. The studio wall installation provides a rare insight into the history of American modernism, featuring about two dozen high quality reproductions of Dove’s paintings that reflect his experiences with Geneva’s urban and industrial development. Paintings are arranged exactly as shown in a historic 1938 studio photograph from the Archives of American Art. Refreshments will be served. 

Dove was born in Canandaigua on August 2, 1880. At the age of two his family moved to Geneva, where he was raised and lived, eventually attending Hobart College and Cornell University. Dove left the area and achieved success as a magazine illustrator in New York City before committing to painting. Dove was recognized by Alfred Siegltiz—photographer, champion of American modernism, and husband of Georgia O’Keeffe—and the two became lifelong colleagues and friends. Dove returned to Geneva in the 1930s when he and his wife, the artist Helen Torr, took up residence in family properties while settling his parents’ estates. 

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Ultimately, Dove and Torr settled downtown on the third floor of the Dove Block, a building constructed in 1878 by his father William G. Dove, a brick-maker and contractor. This location would be Dove’s largest studio and exhibition space, and notably where he was most productive, creating nearly 100 paintings that art historians consider to be his most intense and significant works. Dove’s studio was visited by modernist contemporaries, including Georgia O’Keeffe. Today, Dove’s works are included in the collections of many major museums including the National Gallery of Art, the Phillips Collection, Museum of Fine Arts Boston, the Hecksher Museum of Art, and the Memorial Art Gallery. 

Dr. Jim Spates, Arthur Dove Honorary Chair; Member, Board of Directors, The Dove Block Project; and Professor of Sociology Emeritus, Hobart and William Smith Colleges: 

“I look forward to celebrating Dove’s birthday and sharing his stunning studio wall with the public! It’s probably been 84 years since Arthur’s birthday was last celebrated in this historic space. This is a chance for the community to experience the site, get excited about our ties to Arthur Dove, and learn how they can connect to others through art experiences right here at The Dove.”

In keeping with The Dove’s mission to bring arts programming to all members of the community, programs, and this celebration, are FREE of charge. Donations to support all programming are always welcome at https://www.thedoveblockproject.org/donate. Refreshments are provided through the generosity of Billsboro Winery and Red Jacket Orchards.  The studio wall is accessible, tours are available upon request. 

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